The Big Bend Citizens Alliance is a very active non-profit (501(c)3) in the Big Bend area of Texas.

Committees that are currently active include the Terlingua Community Garden and Farmers Market, The Kids Klub, Terlingua Recycles!, Terlingua Cares, Voices from Both Sides, and Terlingua Visual Arts.

Meetings are held at the Crisis Center in the Ghost Town in January, April, July, and October. Meetings dates and agendas are posted on the Post Office Bulletin Board, on BBCA Facebook page and in the Terlingua Moon Newsletter. Please watch for these meetings and come join us in supporting and sustaining these community-minded causes and projects.

Excerpt from the Constitution of the Big Bend Citizens Alliance

Article II – Aims and Objectives

Section 1. The Mission Statement of the Alliance is “the Big Bend Citizens Alliance is a community organization dedicated to addressing issue affecting the health, welfare and quality of life in the Big Bend area”.

Section 2. The purposes of the Alliance are:

(a) To bring together persons with an active interest in addressing issue affecting the health, welfare, and quality of life

(b) To actively promote the preservation of health, welfare, and quality of life.

(c) To Actively discourage the destruction of the quality of life.

Section 3. The actions of the Alliance will conform to county, state and federal laws.

Article III – Membership

Section 1. Membership privileges shall be free, and voting rights shall be extended to all persons who are in agreement with the purposes of the Alliance as described in the Constitution and Bylaws.