Volunteers working at the Community Garden 
Volunteers working to erect the market building.
Volunteers setting the first water tank in place to catch rain off the market building roof.
Cass working in the community garden.
Kindergarten art projects.

Founded in 2008 and rooted in sustainability, the Terlingua Community Garden is one of a kind!

The Terlingua Community Garden Mission:

"To provide local organic food to our community through production, sharing and education."  The Garden also provides space for people to grow their own food.

We are Volunteers!

This community has taken a raw piece of desert, fenced it with recycled materials, tilled with loaded tillers, bermed with a "cat" and many strong hands and backs.  Then planted with love and a lot of experiments in gardening to create a place where food is produced and the community gathers.  

The TCG is the first community garden in Southwest Texas to use rainwater exclusively for year-round food production. We received a donation (from another generous local) of materials to build our 25 x 50 ft Market building. It was erected, welded, roofed and guttered totally by volunteers. The building currently has 2-3,000 gallons water storage tanks attached and in service.  

Each inch of rain on the roof collects over 700 gallons of water for gardening.  We are experimenting with a few fruit trees and water the natives to add shade in the future. Powered by solar, we are able to host evening events such as cooking classes and parties.

Every Saturday, from November through March, the Garden hosts the Terlingua Farmers' Market. At this popular Saturday morning gathering place, you will enjoy local musicians performing while you munch on homemade pizza, fresh breads and goodies. Local eggs, greens and fresh produce sell out quickly! Terlingua artisans make lovely tie-dyed clothing, knitted warm hats and desert gear, and hand made prisms.

We hope you join us at the Garden and the Market!

Actively encouraging new gardeners, the volunteers work with the local schools and host numerous planting, tasting and cooking field days for our children. The students dressed a lovely scarecrow and painted original artwork and hubcabs to decorate the garden and Market building.   This summer we have planted a few summer vegetables under our lovely shade structure.  Donated by locals in 2013 we can experiment, with our goal of year around produce in sight.


Like us on Facebook to follow our upcoming schedule of events and current pictures. We also post the Farmers Market weekly happenings, music and scheduled monthly demos on the Garden page.

A smiling scarecrow watches over our desert garden.