Funky metal art in Terlingua Ghost Town.Terlingua, quite naturally, has a population rich with creative souls.  

When an artist moves to town, you can bet that their art will begin to blossom like the cactus after a spring deluge.  The desert is a place of deep and quiet contemplation, mind-blowing landscapes, huge starry skies, and freaky fauna/flora... Plus, a collection of interesting characters!  All of which lend to the development of one's creative spirit.

When you're in town, please stop and visit these art spaces/galleries, which will be open all day during The GREEN SCENE on October 27, 2018.  The galleries include:  "Earth & Fire Gallery" and the "Feather Gallery".  You will also find local art on display at the Starlight Theatre Restaurant, the High Sierra Bar and Grill, and at the Motor Inn.